Helping Mothers Reconnect with Their Bodies
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Meditation, rest, and comfort—all in one.
Why settle for anything less?

Our MommyMat Story

We believe in more for mothers

So when we found out that women's healthcare severely lacked the resources to allow new mothers to regain their physical and mental health, we created MommyMat.

Feel like yourself again.

Built-in heating element with adjustable temperature
Easy storage of heating controls for a wire-free look

Removable cover made with 100% cotton for easy cleaning

Patterned cover provides guides for yoga poses

We know you want to see how it works

MommyMat gives you the space to relax in a busy life

Join us on our journey!

Like what you see? We do too, but we can't do it without your help.
Be part of our vision at a better future for our mothers.

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The Scoop

Comes with a built-in heating element

App guides users through meditation/yoga exercises

Relaxes the user with our aromatherapy solution

Made with 100% cotton

Embrace your mental.

Easy to use, easy to rest—that's the MommyMat app. Relaxing has never felt so good.

Embrace your body.

Your body may not feel the same as before, and that's okay. Regain confidence and restore your body with MommyMat.

Embrace your space.

Smaller than a bed, but large enough to soften the places you need to be. Find comfort in health and restitude.

Our User Journey

MommyMat and the MommyMat mobile app come in tandem to make resting easy

Before Your Relaxation Session

Feeling overwhelmed or just need a moment to breathe? Splash onto the MommyMat, open the app, and discover relaxing place.

During Your Relaxation Session

Start off with some simple meditation or some light stretches —you choose! Our app will help you unwind with calming music and voice guided mediation and yoga sessions. Let the comfort, scent, and warmth of the mat help you relax.

After Your Relaxation Session

Unplug and roll up your MommyMat once you're rejuvenated! We want you to take time for yourself and connect with your mind and body. 

Mobile App

Unravel and Relax through the MommyMat app, designed with your mental and physical health as our top priority

We designed MommyMat because we know how little rest mothers get while raising a child. To help with that, we focused on a simply, yet intuitive experience.

Your favorite sessions all at the tip of your fingertips.

Want to see how our app works?

Try out the app!


"I didn't think much about the heating element, but it really helps me relax and feel more comfortable!"

"This product might be for moms, but honestly I think anyone would benefit from MommyMat"

"It's like going to a therapist, but laying down on a warm cushy mat"

About Us

Our team is made up of individuals from various backgrounds who are dedicated to building innovative, yet simple products for women during and post-pregnancy. At MommyMat, we strive to provide our customers with not just a great product, but a great experience. Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions or concerns.

Benny Fellows

Benny is a junior studying business. His favorite yoga pose is the tree pose. In his freetime, he likes to play pickleball 🏏

Nitya Baddam

Nitya is a senior studying computer science. Her favorite yoga pose is the cobra. In her freetime, she likes to stress about life (wants the MommyMat) 🧘🏾

Taejung Park

Taejung is a junior studying UX design. His favorite yoga pose is the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. In his freetime, he likes to workout 🏋🏻

Sara Groenke

Sara is a senior studying art & engineering. Her favorite yoga pose is the corpse pose. In her freetime, she likes to go fishing 🎣

James Gedris

James is a junior studying business. His favorite yoga pose is the corpse pose. In his freetime, he likes to run 🏃🏼

Shaunak Lokre

Shaunak is a junior studying business. His favorite yoga pose is the Dhanurasana. In his freetime, he likes to watch sports 📺

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